Advantages of Ecobaltic Business Park


Favourable location

The industrial park is laid out in Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region, 2 km from Russia’s Western border with Poland. The land plot allocated to the techpark is 30 ha.

Ecobaltic’s advantageous geographical position and the direct proximity to the European Union’s countries offer significant advantages for Russian and foreign investment projects.

The status of a Special Economic Zone

The territorial advantages of Ecobaltic techpark are obvious, as the land plot wherein the park is located is within a special economic zone (Federal Law No. 16 dated 10 January 2006 “ON THE SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE IN THE KALININGRAD REGION AND ON AMENDING CERTAIN LEGISLATIVE ACTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION” (updated). Co-investors gain special advantages, income and property tax benefits.

Such benefits are valid during 12 years from the day of being granted the status of a resident of the special economic zone. Today special economic zone regime is valid up to the end of 2031.

This will help partners to implement their investment strategy for systematic development of profitable businesses within the park. The return on investments in this sector is guaranteed by high production and environmental safety standards, underlying effective functioning of the environmental system of the whole park and of each business in particular.

Basic infrastructure

Ecobaltic business Park has its basic infrastructure, which enables partners, regardless of the form of participation, quickly to augment production capacities without having to wait for authorisation and construction of vital facilities.

Two active power substations (with a total capacity of 1,350 kilowatt, projected to be raised up to 5 megawatt capacity by building supplementary substations), several artesian wells, its own waste treatment facilities, Internet access and telecommunications, natural gas up from 2014.

Hence, the infrastructure of the area contributes to effective development of production facilities (e.g. different production lines, assembly shops and warehouses).

Besides, next to the techpark there are unoccupied agricultural lands that may be used by a business park participant for the intended purpose. It is also important that the construction at site is continuously in progress and the infrastructure is being constantly enhanced and upgraded.

Strategic traffic interchange

Effectiveness of investments in Ecobaltic industrial business park rests on special business development terms. A professionally elaborated project makes it possible to use the existing convenient transport junctions.

The park’s lands are situated 37 km from Kaliningrad — Russia’s outpost on the borders with the European Union.

Convenience of cargo transportation should not go unmentioned - the techpark goes along the federal highway Kaliningrad – Bezledy (Poland), a railway station with broad and narrow gage lines and a commercial sea-port are 39 km from the business territory.

Convenient transport and customs logistics

Ecobaltic’s investors can save notably given convenient customs and transportation logistics of the region. Business park is situated 300 m from a new customs terminal, and 500 m from an excise customs point. Besides, there is a big railway terminal at the Bartoszyce station (Poland). So, even modest private investments will pay back and businesses will be able to effectively develop in the territory of the techpark.